I have taught creative writing for almost a decade, from beginner's level through to advanced fiction and novel writing. I'm a big believer that a good writer is a good reader and most of my teaching is based around this principle, offering students a mixture of extracts and exercises to experiment with and learn from. Some of the courses I have created and teach include:

Faber Academy: Writing A Novel This eight month online course takes students through the first 15,000 words of their novel, giving them a ground in the key elements of fiction writing at the same time.  

Faber Academy: Work in Progress. Twelve month course taking writers from the first 15,000 words of their novel through to a complete final draft. 

Faber Academy: Read Like A Writer. Four week course on how to read like a writer, and how to write for a reader.

Faber Academy: Create Brilliant Characters. Four week course on the secrets behind coming up with great characters. 

Faber Academy: Plot. Four week course on the essence of storytelling and how to go about sharpening up your narratives.

Faber Academy: Setting. Four week course on creating a sense of place in your stories and how to about creating convincing worlds. 

Faber Academy: Write a Short Story in a Weekend. Three day course teaching some of the secrets of short story writing, with the students completing a full story by Sunday evening.

For details on all the latest Faber Academy courses, please click here.

Professional Writing Academy: Exploring Genre. A 10-week online version of the genres course, with an in depth focus on key genres (historical, romance, comedy, crime, thriller YA, Science Fiction). 

Professional Writing Academy: Crime Writing Basics. Beginners course for anyone interested in writing crime fiction. 

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I also guest lecture and run workshops on various Creative Writing MAs around the country, have taught at several literary festivals as well as teaching and mentoring on writing retreats.

I have an MA in Creative Writing (Distinction) from Bath Spa University.