I have taught creative writing for a number of years, from beginner's level through to advanced fiction and novel writing. I'm a big believer that a good writer is a good reader and most of my teaching is based around this principle, offering students a mixture of extracts and exercises to experiment with and learn from. Some of the courses I teach include:

Faber Academy: Writing A Novel Online. I have taught this six month course for three years, taking authors through plotting, structuring and writing the first 15,000 words of their novel. Currently teaching my sixth and seventh groups of students. 

Faber Academy: Work in Progress. Twelve month course taking writers from the first 15,000 words of their novel through to a complete final draft. Next course begins 17th October. 

Faber Academy: Read Like A Writer. Four week course on how to read like a writer, and how to write for a reader.

Faber Academy: Create Brilliant Characters. Four week course on the secrets behind coming up with great characters. 

Faber Academy: Plot. Four week course on the essence of storytelling and how to go about sharpening up your narratives.

Faber Academy: Setting. Four week course on creating a sense of place in your stories and how to about creating convincing worlds.  

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Professional Writing Academy: Exploring Genre. A 10-week online version of the genres course, with an in depth focus on key genres (historical, romance, comedy, crime, thriller YA, Science Fiction). 

Professional Writing Academy: Crime Writing Basics. Beginners course for anyone interested in writing crime fiction. 

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I also guest lecture and run workshops on various Creative Writing MAs around the country. I have an MA in Creative Writing myself, from Bath Spa University.